Displays, Literature and Give-Aways

No need to reinvent the wheel for your project! 

Engaging display kits, relevant literature, demonstration equipment, and even prizes are available for your table or presentation. 

You can check out any kit. Use one or mix and match! Some topics are general (such as compost and worm bins) and so it doesn’t matter where you check out your kit. However, it is recommended you check out the recycling kit and literature from the jurisdiction in which you will be volunteering, because bins, sorting and messages vary slightly from city to city. 

Wear your badge!

Considerations when checking out equipment and materials:

  • How many attendees are expected at the event, and what quantity of materials will you need?

  • Will the audience at my event want a lot of a particular type of information — such as more Spanish materials or more materials about green cleaners?

  • Do I need to borrow a canopy, table and chairs, or will event organizers provide them?

  • Is the event outdoors or indoors?

  • What is the weather forecast?

  • Do I have enough room to put screens or display stands next to my table, behind my table or just enough room for on top of a table?

  • Do I want an activity at the table or do I want to just give away information, answer questions, or engage them as they come by?

  • Can I drop-off equipment and materials near where I set-up or will I have to carry them a distance?

  • When do I have time to pick-up and drop-off equipment and materials?