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10/04/2018-Oregon Recycling is Cool! El Reciclaje en Oregón es Chévere.

10/11/2018-Recycling Facility Fabrica de Reciclaje videos Far West Recycling and Pioneer

10/18/2018-Garbage and Recycling in Our Communities El reciclaje en nuestro comunidades

10/25/2018-Wormbins Gusanos

10/25/2018-Healthy Homes, Casas Saludables

10/25/2018-Coma mejor, ahorrando más Save More Waste Less

10/27/2018-Earth Choices


Class 69 Presentations

Glean facts, get statistics, graphs and photos. Find the speakers' contact information. Download to use for your own presentations.

Please contact Lauren Norris if you would like the documents in a different format.


Master Recycler Class 69 Presentations

Presentations will be available the day after each class and will stay up until January 1, 2019
(These presentations are in PDF form. If you would like one sent to you as a PowerPoint, please email

9/5/2018— Why is Oregon So Cool? J Lauren Norris, Master Recycler Program

9/12/2018—Far West Recycling Video and Pioneer Recycling Video on Material Recovery facilities.

9/12/2018—Residential Curbside Collection, Kym Buzdygon, Washington County

9/12/2018—Curbside, Backyard and Wormbin Composting, Elizabeth Cole City of Beaverton and Lauren Norris Master Recycler Program

9/19/2018—Multifamily Communities, Heather Robinson, Washington County

9/19/2018—Resourceful Living Jeanne Roy, Center for Earth Leadership

9/26/2018—Healthy Homes and Toxics Reducation Farrah Fatima, Metro

9/26/2018—Plastics 101 Lauren Norris, Master Recycler Program

10/3/2018—Green Business Leader Program Sanne Stienstra, Washington County

10/3/2018—Classroom and Youth, Darwin Eustaquio and Nicole Hernandez-Marrs, Metro

10/10/2018—Eat Smart, Waste Less, Kym Buzdygon, Washington County

10/10/2018—Reducing Disparities in Washington County, Eva Aguilar, Washington County

10/10/2018—Equity in the Solid Waste System, Molly Chidsey, Metro

10/17/2018—Behavior Change, Lauren Norris, Master Recycler Program

10/17/2018—Materials Management Hierarchy, David Allaway, DEQ

10/24/2018—Volunteering, Lauren Norris, Master Recycler program