Master Recycler Class 63 in Washington County 

Glean facts, get statistics, graphs and photos. Find the speakers' contact information. Download to use for your own presentations.

Please contact Lauren Norris if you would like the documents in a different format.

Class presentations will be taken down December 2016. 

Master Recycler Class 63 Presentations

9/7/2016 — Oregon Taking Charge of Waste J Lauren Norris, Master Recycler Program

9/20/2016 --Residential Curbside Program, Brian Stafki, Washington County

9/20/2016--Waste Prevention 101, Jeanne Roy, Center for Earth Leadership

9/28/2016 --Toxics: Not that Innocent, Lisa Heigh Metro

9/28/2016 --Plastics 101, Lauren Norris, MRP

9/28/2016 -- Events, Heather Robinson, Washington County and Ted Fuller Master Recycler Mentor

10/5/2016 -- Recycle at Work, Sanne Stienstra, Washington County 

10/5/2016 -- Creative Presentations and Working with Youth, Mary Healy, Master Recycler and retired teacher

10/12/2016-Eat Smart Waste Less, Brian Stafki, Washington County and Elizabeth Cole, Beaverton

10/12/2016-Multifamily communities, Heather Robinson, Washington County

10/19/2016-Waste Reduction Hierarchy revisited, David Allaway, Department of Environmental Quality

10/19/2019-Behavior Change Workshop, Lauren Norris, Master Recycler Program