Master Recycler Newsletter—June 2016

Master Recycler Newsletter—June 2016

We have an important unsung hero helping our region fight climate change and turn food scraps into a renewable resource: Bacteria!

These little guys create fantastic fertilizer, whether they are in your backyard compost pile, a commercial compost facility where our residential food scraps go or a technical bio digester like JC Bio where most of our region’s commercial food scraps end up...

Community Collection Events

Portland Community Collection Events are organized to offer a wide range of Portland residents, including seniors and people with disabilities, with proper disposal of household bulky waste and prioritize and promote both recycling and reuse. Master Recyclers also help at recycling collection events for those hard to recycle items like computers, shredded paper and non-curbside plastics throughout the region. You can act as a greeter, train other volunteers or help plan the event for your payback hours at these community events.

Farmer's Markets

Enjoy mellow days at your local farmer’s market. Consider staffing a booth once or for several dates at your favorite market as a way to stretch out your Earth Day commitment.

Here are a few markets where booths are already planned for the season. They would love to have you join them. Contact them to find out what dates they have scheduled: 

Don’t see your favorite market listed? Here are a few easy steps to set up your own booth. 

  1. Contact Lauren to find the contact for the Farmer’s Market of your choice.
  2. Contact the Farmer’s Market to request one or many dates. (Once a month with a different topic is ideal.)
  3. Check out a kit or rotating kits.
  4. Contact Lauren again if you would like to invite other Master Recyclers to join you through the newsletter. (You can also just email your classmates and invite them.)
  5. Have fun! (And report your hours!)