Washington County Kits


Request Resources

Visit the County page and fill out the request form. Please specify which kit, display equipment, other equipment, banner and activity you would like to check out. 

Location: This is a temporary address. Washington County will return to Hillsboro after construction. 20665 SE Blanton St, Aloha

Contact: Kym Buzdygon, 503-846-3651, Kimberly_buzdygon@co.washington.or.us


All Kits Include

  • Rolling plastic tote

  • Pencils and pens

  • Solid Waste & Recycling Program table-throw

  • Clipboard to capture names and emails

  • Notebook to record questions

  • Instructions on how to use the kit


Reduce, reuse, recycle


Key messages: What goes in recycling and garbage carts and what doesn’t; glass on the side. No plastic bags. Sign up for pick up day notifications. Take toxics and needles to their proper place. Avoid toxics by using greener cleaners.

Includes: Garbage and Recycling Day Display. Choose between table-top banner (to be used indoors only) or floor-standing banner (can be used indoors or outdoors). Durable Rolling kit with supplies.

Optional: Garbage and Recycling Day Spin wheel and prizes.

Optional: A variety of literature display stands.

Optional: Four brightly colored View-Masterstm with slides about Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting. (See picture in Master Recycler section below)

Optional: Master Recycler banner.

Literature: Waste reduction tip sheets, residential recycling brochures, RecycleWise newsletters, Metro magnets. Coloring books. Spanish and English.


Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge

Key message: The average family wastes 20 percent of what they buy. We all have good intentions but we all waste some food. By making small shifts in how we shop, prepare and store food, we save more of our food, money and resources from going to waste. 

Call to action: Try one or more of the five promoted tips to save more of your food: 

1.    Shop with meals in mind.
2.    Prep now and eat later.
3.    Keep it fresh.
4.    Eat what you buy.
5.    Measure your wasted food.

After taking the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge, they can receive one or more tools to help them including the fruit and vegetable storage guide magnet. If they want more information, but aren’t ready to commit, they can they can visit EatSmartWasteLessChallenge.com. They can take the challenge online and Washington County can send tools. 

Event kit includes: Guide to events; “ask me…” apron; food storage magnet game board and easel; and magnetic food pieces with tips on back; outdoor floor banner; brochure rack; challenge tools and materials; chalkboard activity; and prizes for activity participants.

Optional activity: Spin wheel

Presentation kit includes: Guide to presentations; food basket and storage signs activity; challenge tools and materials; laptop; projector; screen; and prizes for activity participants. Download the presentation

Just Eat It movie-viewing party kits: Coming soon! Please check back. 


Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge Events, Presentations and Movie-Viewing Parties

Just Eat It movie-viewing party kit include: Just Eat It Screening Toolkit guide; Just Eat It DVD; challenge tools and materials; prizes for a drawing; laptop and projector (upon request); flier template


Cup-a-day and Water Bottle Display

Location: 155 N 1st Ave, Suite 160, Hillsboro

Key message: A one-piece container that shows the impacts of taking a travel mug instead of using a new cup for coffee every day.  Great to display in your office

Included: Waste reduction tip sheets, residential recycling brochures, RecycleWise newsletters, and Metro magnets.



Greener Cleaner Display

Key message: It’s unhealthy for you and family to use many cleaners. There are simple and safe solutions. Read warning labels.

Kit contains: Non-toxic ingredients, recipes and descriptions of each ingredient and it’s attributes in cleaning products. Additionally, a receipt listing the total invested in the ingredients shows how cost-effective green cleaners can be on the pocketbook.



Show three-dimensional informational slides with pictures. There are four topic areas to choose from or request all four: 

  • Waste prevention

  • Food waste prevention

  • Toxics

  • Backyard composting

Lizzy Oedell (Class 53), who works at Image3D, spent some of her payback time making the ViewMasters using slides and messages from a class.



Display Equipment

  • Floor standing brochure and flyer rack (14 lbs, best for outdoor events)

  • Floor standing mesh brochure and flyer rack (5 lbs, good for indoors only)

  • Table top flyer rack (4 pounds)

  • Table top brochure rack (5 pounds)

Other equipment

  • Folding canopy

  • Folding table

  • Folding chairs