Beaverton Kits

Location: Beaverton City Hall, 12725 SW Millikan Way. Park in one of the 15 minutes spots on Millikan and ring the delivery bell.

Contact: Elizabeth Cole, 503-526-2665,

All kits come with carrier, tablecloth, pens, display holders, etc. Detailed talking points and how to use the table will be discussed when the kit is reserved.



Key messages and use: What goes in the commingled cart, what doesn’t. Glass on the side. No plastic bags.

Includes: Recycling yes/no display boards; sample materials (commingled items, glass recycling and some garbage items).

Literature: Every Day is Recycling Day flyers, Master Recycler post cards


Eat Smart, Waste Less

Location: Beaverton City Hall, 12725 SW Millikan Way

Key message: Americans waste 20% of their food. Learn simple tips to save money and stop food waste. SMART STORAGE – keep fruits and vegetables fresh by storing them correctly.

Call to action: Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge. Ask people to take the pledge to reduce their food waste at home. It’s a 4-week challenge where they will receive one email a week with tips and tricks to reduce their food waste. If they complete the survey at the end of the four weeks they will receive a reusable produce bag.

Includes: Table sign; Eat Smart, Waste Less table banner; “How much food do we waste?” interactive game; Pledge forms; produce bags for display only; and food storage containers for display only.

iterature: Half-sheet food storage guide and Food storage guide magnets.