Fall to-do list: Protect your home and our climate

Fall to-do list: Protect your home and our climate

Practicing a little maintenance and fixing problems, before the rainy season sets in, can lengthen the life of the materials that make up your home.

More natural resources are contained in buildings than in the products that we use day-to-day. Wood, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, plastic, cement and lime and glass are the building blocks of our homes. And it burns a lot of natural gas, oil and coal to manufacture these materials.

Maximize these last few weeks of great weather to do a little good around your home. 

Materials Management Legislation Sets Oregon Toward a New Vision

Imagine a day when Oregonians live well and prosperously, producing and using materials responsibly, conserving resources, and protecting the environment and climate. Imagine a day when we recognize that the earth’s resources are finite and we begin living and working within those limits, ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as we do.