Check Out the New Things in Clackamas Libraries!

Check Out the New Things in Clackamas Libraries!

County libraries plan to procure a new collection: They call it the “Library of Things!”

Many of us return to our favorite library to find a new book, download an ebook or get a DVD for movie night. Library lovers in Clackamas are about to find a few new “Things” on the shelves from novelty cake pans to ukuleles!

VHS to DVD Converter.jpg

Coming soon, Clackamas County public libraries in Canby, Estacada, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Sandy & Hoodland, West Linn and Wilsonville plan to open a “Library of Things” in partnership with the county’s Sustainability and Solid Waste program.

“Our libraries are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to stimulate the imagination and promote lifelong learning, particularly where money, space or other issues may hinder a person’s ability to do so otherwise,” said Sarah McIntyre, director of the Sandy & Hoodland Public Libraries. “We’re excited to join this growing movement among libraries.”


Hillsboro Public Library opened a Library of Things in 2015 and now hosts over 200 items—including an air fryer, karaoke machine, and VHS to DVD converters. They made it so hip that the Beaverton City Library joined the trend and opened one last summer. In


A Library of Things helps promote a more sustainable community. “These collections support a growing trend of people downsizing and decluttering their lives from the “stuff” we tend to accumulate,” said Stacy Ludington with the Sustainability and Solid Waste program. “It takes natural resources such as land, water, fossil fuels and metals to grow and manufacture the items people buy. However, if 10 people share one item, the energy and resource consumption needed for everyone to enjoy it decreases significantly.”

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