Bonita Davis Reports 1000 Hours!!!

Bonita Davis (Class 52) is a gem. She is funny, informative and always positive. She is also the third person in the history of the MR program to report over 1000 volunteer hours!

Bonita crossed the 1000 mark by assisting a retirement community in Eastmoreland start a green team and sustainability plan.

She is a Master Recycler Mentor who has provided presentations on how to staff information booths, offered advice to new graduates and been available to help when a Master Recycler project hits a snag.

She is an active member of Recycling Advocates where she has been helping design and implement the Bring Your Own Cup campaign. Master Recyclers are invited to a BYOC Training that she organized to kick off the new season.

Bonita has also promoted thoughtful consumption to thousands of people in the region by presenting on KATU Afternoon Live and writing a monthly article in the SE Examiner newspaper.


We have a pin for Centurions and Quincenturions. But we had to come up with something special for someone who has completed 1000 hours.

So, we are sending Bonita her very own vanity license frame so that she can proudly share that she is a Master Recycler.