Cecelia Warner Reports 1000 Volunteer Hours

picture from Oregonian. 

picture from Oregonian. 

This last weekend a Cecelia Warner (Class 47) accomplished something no one else has accomplished. She completed 1000 hours volunteer hours! 

Cecelia has been recognized many times in the community for her amazing energy, enthusiasm and accomplishment. She has promoted sustainable living through the Forest Grove Greens. Presented to students at Hillsboro High and Pacific College. And influenced policy by presenting to the Forest Grove Sustainability Advisory Committee. 

But most of the time you will find Cecelia at the Forest Grove Farmer's  Market. There she has found a place for just about every waste stream. She has found pig farmer's for the compost. Organized durable dishes and napkins for the food vendors. And of course she organizes the Waste Center where Master Recyclers staff and information booth and collect plastics, styrofoam and other non-curbside recycling. 

We have a pin for Centurions and Quincenturions. But we had to come up with something special for someone how as completed 1000 hours.

So we are sending Cecelia her very own vanity license frame so that she can proudly share that she is a Master Recycler.