Welcome Brian Stafki!

Washington County Master Recyclers are in for a real treat!

As of August 2013, the County has a new Senior Program Educator who comes with tons of experience working with Master Composters in Olympia, Washington where he also worked in public outreach.

Brian grew up in New Mexico, but calls Cascadia his home. He has a passion for food and food systems and gardens at home. Recently, he volunteered on the board of a local non-profit in Olympia in order to create better access for low-income families and youth to just food systems. Brian is supported in his efforts by a lovely wife and two cats.

I know you will all help me in welcoming Brian. He will be your main contact whenever you volunteer for the Tip Your Lid campaign. He will also be the person you can email or call if you would like to borrow one of their many cool Washington County kits.