New and Improved Master Recycler Program!

Your Master Recycler Program is about to get even better! This spring the Program is doubling staff time!

Thanks to support from the City of Portland, Metro, Clackamas and Washington Counties, the MR program has had a half-time position and administrative support for 14 years. During that time over 1600 people have contributed over 53,000 hours and made over 4.8 million contacts in the community. It only makes sense that such a successful program should grow. So, starting in May, the City of Portland is increasing it's support so that the Master Recycler Program Coordinator is a full time position. 

Think of all we will do!

1) More learning, fun, and ways to make a difference:

  • More tours, lectures, gatherings, and workshops for gradates.
  • Increased support for groups like the Master Recyclers of Color and Mentors.
  • Increased training, coordination and support for the 40 partners who work with Master Recyclers.

2) Equitable Access for new Master Recyclers

The program will continue to offer a stellar 8-week course once a year in each county.

But a new course is coming for site-based communities who have barriers to participating in the current class structure. The MR program coordinator will work with one community each year to design and implement a tailor-made course. There will be special focus on youth, people of color and/or low-income communities. 

The program may tailor the course so that it:

  • Provides relevant information (this may shift information to be culturally relevant, age appropriate etc).
  • Identifies resources to remove barriers such as childcare, language or transportation.
  • Focuses on developing a community project.
  • Provide Certification for individuals who don’t have access otherwise.

Pilot course this summer:

Metro, BPS and Trash for Peace are partnering to conduct a pilot course with Spanish-speaking residents on the multi-family, affordable housing property on the border of Portland and Gresham. BPS and Trash for Peace are providing staff time to support a Spanish/English bilingual resident to co-design and lead the class. Metro is providing funding for childcare, transportation and translation/interpretation. I look forward to sharing the story afterward!