Master Recycler Newsletter -- January 2018



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Master Recycler Winter Gathering


1900 SW 4TH ROOM 2500 (C), PORTLAND

  • 6:00 – 6:30 Catch up with fellow Master Recyclers
  • 6:30-7:00 Hear about program and individual achievements.
  • 7-8:30: Update on recycling and back to basics.

Light refreshments will be provided




Help Recruit for Spring Course!


Do you live in Clackamas County? Spend a few of your Master Recycler hours inviting others to join the movement! 

Libraries, community centers, places of worship, schools, and workplaces are all great places to distribute post cards.

To order post cards contact:



A big thank you to our two newly certified Master Recyclers!


Harriet Roth (Class 61) completed her 30 hours by sharing tips on preventing food waste, improving recycling and reduce and reuse at Farmers Markets, the St Johns Bizarre and the Fix-it Fair. She also acted as Green Team Lead training, supervising and troubleshooting recycling for the Oregon Brew Festivals for the past couple of years.


Stephanie King (Class 64) has been planting the seed of sustainability in a challenging place! She works in the Columbia Gorge Outlet Mall and has been able to make some impressive headway with improved recycling, starting a mall newsletter and even starting a green team where she found a fellow enthusiast to help tackle the project. Meanwhile Stephanie also joined the Gresham Earth day Community Recycling event and staffed a table on food waste prevention at the Edgefield Cracked Pot.


Volunteer Opportunities

Job Seekers Board

The City of Beaverton is Hiring! Commercial Organics Program Coordinator (Closes January 26)

Conservation News

2018 Call For Artists for GLEAN is open!


GLEAN is accepting applications for 2018 from artists residing in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties.

Applications will be accepted via CallForEntry beginning January 1, 2018 with a deadline of January 31, 2018.

We are again dedicating one residency position for a student currently enrolled in an art program at a local college or university. Student applications will be considered separately from other artist applications.

GLEAN seeks to hear from artists with a broad range of experiences and cultural perspectives from the diverse communities in the Portland area.

GLEAN is a juried art program that seeks to inspire people to think about their consumption habits, the waste they generate, and the resources they throw away by tapping into the creativity of artists from the Portland metro region.

Five GLEAN artists will be given access to the Metro Central transfer station (“the dump”) for five months to glean materials to make art. The program culminates in a formal exhibition in the fall. Artists will be paid a $2,000 stipend and receive 80% commission from the sale of their art at the exhibition.

GLEAN is a partnership between Recology, an employee-owned integrated resource recovery and recycling company; Metro, the regional government that manages the Portland area’s garbage and recycling system; and crackedpots, an environmental arts non-profit.

For more information, contact Amy Wilson at

$5000 Seed Money Grant (awarded fall 2018) for the organization best able to succeed in building a Gentle Disposition Worker-Owned Cooperative.

Gentle Disposition is a beautiful service for families who have lost a loved one and need help taking care of the things left behind, or need an entire home cleared. We donate everything possible, and then reuse and recycle as much of the rest as possible.

A year ago, I sadly put Gentle Disposition on hold because my father had become terminally ill. Five months ago he passed, and I’m awarding this grant in his honor and seeking to train and support organizations in building Gentle Disposition worker-owned cooperatives. All groups that demonstrate capability will be able to receive free training and support; the group that proves most likely to succeed will be awarded the grant.


For some background on me and my social enterprise history and long term vision, watch my short story, Poison into Medicine.  

To a kinder 2018!

Kim Breas

Please forward this to any generous-portion-serving restaurant owners and staff you think would be interested in hearing about Halves and having a chance to provide input!  I'm happy to show appreciation by buying a meal or bringing donuts or something.

Halves is a ideal donation program for restaurants serving generous portions to diners with smaller appetites.  

Diners who choose to participate pay a little more for their meal (perhaps $1.50) and receive a little less food.  At the end of meal shifts money is shared between the restaurant and the Halves program.  

Part of the extra money goes to the restaurant to cover costs for packaging and delivering leftover food (does not have to be the exact food ordered - just an equivalent amount) to organizations feeding the hungry.  Part goes to compensate staff for the extra effort, and the rest goes to support the Halves program.

The Elf pictured below will be the vehicle used transport food.

I'm hoping to talk with 8-10 people as a start and hear thoughts about how to make the Halves program as attractive and rewarding for restaurants to take part in.  Ideally, I'd like to talk to more owners to get feedback on parts of the program that may require decisions on their level.

Thank you so much for sharing this, and I encourage those you share it with to share it with anyone they think would be interested!

Best, Kim Breas,