Master Recycler Newsletter -- July 2017

Recycling is not equally available to everyone in our region

Chances are if you live in a multifamily community in our region, your recycling is not working for you. 

A new study determines that it is a systems problem more than a lack of knowledge or concern on the part of residents.

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A record, 4000 hours reported!


ank you!

Application deadline is August 8 for the fall class in Washington County.  

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Thank you to the three Master Recyclers who completed their volunteer hours and became Certified Master Recyclers this month!

Brothers, Joe and Jimmy Heiberg (Class 61) are the third generation of the Heiberg family who owns the local Heiberg Garbage and Recycling LLC. The family has a long standing tradition of giving back to the community and so it was no surprise that Joe and Jimmy decided to commit to the 30 volunteer hours. They helped with outreach, accuracy of flyers and triage of materials for several of the neighborhood cleanups in the Portland community. They also joined forcesat Big Truck Day where kids could get up close to their garbage and recycling truck while they talked recycling with the parents.

David Drouin (Class 64) teamed with Jessica Ediger (Class 58) to organize the Roseway Neighborhood cleanup. Collecting bulky waste reduces dumping in our greenways, but David also ensured that materials got recycled and even organized a Reuse You-price-it area. David put in tons of hours, energy and creativity to make the event a success.

Volunteer. Make a Difference!

You will see some new volunteer opportunities on the calendar this summer! Join Metro staff at the Healthy Homes table to engage folks on greener cleaners and other toxics free options. There's a lot happening at the Zoo from Fridays or Saturdays at the education center to Twilight Tuesdays.  The Clackamas and Washington County Fairs are fantastic opportunities to get a lot of volunteer hours done and have some fun. And of course, from beer festivals to Italian festivals, there is much recycling to be organized at events.

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Job opportunities

Check the jobs board regularly for relevant job opportunities in our region.