Oregon Nonprofits Cash in with BottleDrop Give

Over 1,000 Oregon non-profits now use BottleDrop Give to raise money and recycle bottles and cans: a new milestone!


In 2018, more than $500,000 was raised by organizations from SOLVE to soccer teams to the Oregon Food Bank. Master Recyclers were some of the Oregonians who leveraged this convenient program to support programs in their communities.

Ted Fuller (Class 30) helps the Hillsboro Centurion High Band raise funds with a bottle drive. “The band delivers cans and bottles by the truckload!”


Colleen Johnston (Class 36) has helped the Rex Putnam High band in Milwaukie do the same for over five years. Just in the last year, they held four bottles drives that raised just over $3600, with 119 students and parents helping.

Colleen shared, “BottleDrop Give has been a great program for our band. It helped students participate in all the band activities.”

“Last year was a Disneyland trip for two out of three of our bands, so most kids used the money for the trip. But it was also used for things like formal wear for concerts, entrance fees for individual solo competitions or festivals and Drumline participation fees.”

Farmington View ES bottle recycling.jpg

Janet Rabe (Class 55) organizes a bottle recycling event every 1st Saturday at Farmington View Elementary School to raise funds for their Excelled Math after-school program. “Students teach other students, parents teach other parents. Meanwhile we are collecting bottles and cans from several businesses I.e. Cruise in Diner, Midway Firehouse Pizza as well as during concerts held at Oak Knoll Winery.”

BottleDrop Give is a fundraising tool for schools, communities of faith, and any 501 (c)(3) organization. BottleDrop blue bags are distributed to supporters to be filled with returnable containers at home, then returned to any BottleDrop Redemption Center or BottleDrop Express at their convenience. The value of each bag is then credited directly to the fundraising account. To learn more or apply for a fundraising account, visit BottleDrop Give.


What is Included in the Expansion?

Since the bottle bill expanded on January 1, 2018 people have wanted a list of what is and is not included. The list of products accepted is actually too large to list them all.

Here’s an Easy Rule of Thumb:

If you can pour it and drink it, it’s covered

No Beverages_BB2018v4.jpg


  • It’s one of the specifically excluded beverages (distilled spirits, wine, dairy milk, plant-based milk, infant formula, and beverages marketed specifically as meal replacements.)

  • It’s in a carton, foil pouch, drink box, or metal container that requires a tool to be opened.