Master Recyclers Help Neighbors Collect Stuff

Portland Master Recyclers can take advantage of the City’s Community Collection Events program to help cleanup, recycle, swap and reuse in your community.

The Community Collection Events (CCE) program offers funding opportunities to neighborhood, community and nonprofit organizations for proper disposal of bulky household waste that may otherwise be disposed of inappropriately. The events place a priority on recycling and reuse over disposal.

Typical events range from litter pickup activities to large bulky waste cleanups. Materials for recycling tend to be Styrofoam, scrap metal and electronics. Some events also have a you-price-it area to send useable items back to the community.

Master Recyclers across the city have added their know-how to make these events sustainable. Some have joined the organizing phase while others have supported efforts during the day of the event.

Roles include:

·        Planning and organizing

o   Working with haulers, recyclers and reuse organizations so that materials have a place to go.

o   Creating outreach materials so that the yes/no list matches what the haulers, recyclers and reuse groups need.

o   Planning logistics such as location, food, volunteer training and coordination.

·        During the event

o   Training and overseeing volunteers so that they know how to properly sort waste and recycling.

o   Organizing the reuse swap or you-price-it area.

o   Greeting drivers and answering questions.

Groups that host events leverage funds for this program to mobilize volunteers, improve livability and raise funds in the community. The events aim to serve a wide range of diverse Portland residents.

Portland Neighborhood Coalitions, the City of Portland, and Metro work together to invest and build community capacity, including advancing equity, waste reduction and reuse.

Interested in learning more, connecting with an event host or leading a community event?

Contact Alicia Polacok, 503-823-7107,