Clark County Special Wastes Operations (closes May 17)

Clark County Special Waste Operations

Job Summary

The Special Waste Operations Specialist will manage a project to ensure Clark County has an effective set of programs and tools to refine and achieve our goals related to reducing the impacts and volumes of targeted special wastes. Targeted special wastes may include the following categories of waste: residential household hazardous waste, hazardous waste from commercial small quantity generators, construction and demolition waste, asbestos, residential medication wastes, latex paint and universal wastes.

For each material type, operations specialist will collaborate with appropriate stakeholders to evaluate current county programs and strategies, research opportunities and best management practices, and limitations to maximize reduction, recycling, and responsible diversion of the targeted materials. This project will culminate in a recommendation for the long-term implementation of the actions, including funding, ownership, plan updates, and future opportunities.

This position is represented by Local 17, Professional and Technical Employees.

This is a limited duration project position expected to work for 24 months.

Applications will be reviewed after May 17th.


Education and Experience:

Four (4) year degree with major coursework in communications, education, public administration, marketing, environmental science, or related field. Two (two) years of experience working with the public in areas related to environmental impacts, community education, community organization, or public relations.

On a year‑for‑year basis, any combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted for educational requirements.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Comprehension of solid waste programs and Clark County's responsibility for managing targeted special wastes and the systems to mitigate them.

  • Experience with any or all of the listed targeted special wastes.

  • Experience developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and events.

  • Ability to develop effective working relationships with coworkers and stakeholders.

  • Project management experience.

  • Possesses currently valid, or able to obtain within first year, any relevant certifications. Or previous training related to any of the targeted wastes.

Knowledge of:  federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to solid waste; recycling processing equipment, risk management, contracts and legal documents; planning and permitting processes; planning and budgeting; work standards and codes applicable to the job.

Ability to:  prepare detailed documentation and communications in the form of technical papers, written reports, and a variety of memos and letters; establish effective working relationships and communication with contractors, consultants, legal counsel, staff, media, public officials, regulatory agencies, property owners, business groups, and the public; effectively plan and organize work and complete tasks within prescribed time frames; comprehend, interpret, and implement applicable regulations governing environmental impacts, analyze and evaluate complex problems and devise solutions; independently exercise sound judgment when working with diverse stakeholders; adapt quickly to unanticipated changes in priorities and timelines; maintain professional composure when dealing with difficult individuals or contentious issues; read, understand, and interpret a variety of technical design plans, maps, and charts; research and prepare grant proposals, and administer grant funds; maintain a valid driver’s license; establish effective working relationships with staff, governmental agencies, community and business groups, and the general public.

Examples of Duties

Typical duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Plan and prepare requests for proposals, budgets, selecting contractors, negotiating contracts; general contract management.

  • Plan, organize and lead public collection events. May include coordination of volunteers, resources, consultants, vendors, and coworkers.

  • Evaluate and work with staff to develop or improve outreach materials. This includes coordinating messages from partners going to customers pertaining to special wastes.

  • Identify and evaluate existing gaps and develop program options for targeted special wastes.

  • Develop and present reports and guidance documents to stakeholders related to proposed program options or outcomes.

  • Ongoing and regular collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to evaluate recommended programs options.

  • Respond to, investigate, and resolve citizen complaints as they pertain to targeted special wastes.

  • Serve as staff representative on various technical advisory committees, commissions, and interest groups, with local and state partners.

  • Track project performance measures to evaluate effectiveness of operational activities and monitor program progress; publish necessary reports and documents. This includes gathering and analyzing of appropriate data.

  • Research grant funding opportunities, prepare grant proposals, and administer grants.

  • Interpret applicable laws, new legislation, codes and policies to assure county compliance.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Salary Grade

Local 17 Engineers.210 ($30.38 - $38.78) per hour

Close Date


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