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Sunday Parkways recycling lead SE Portland

Join the Sunday Parkways Green team by training and supervising the trash talkers at Sunday Parkways.

Contact: Leesha Posey

More info on this opportunity:

Sunday Parkways is hitting a big milestone this year. Ten years of promoting fun, healthy living and community bonding! Sunday Parkways has a history of providing a comprehensive plan for recycling and composting. Sunday Parkways has been offering composting and recycling since the first event in 2008. In 2015, it conducted its first waste audit where it found that roughly 80% of the participants were recycling and composting. However, we want to bring that number to 100%! We would like Master Recyclers to help participants improve their understanding of recycling and composting choices as well as drive up landfill diversion rates. This is the first year we have added an education component into the event. Roughly 600,000 people have attended Sunday Parkways over the last 10 years. With numbers like that we need a lot of help making sure this program goes off without a hitch!  In other words, we need Volunteers like YOU!


There are five Parkways events scheduled this year and each event will have multiple parks set up with composting and recycling stations. The goal is to have 1 to 2 Master Recyclers per park for a 4 - 8-hour commitment. This roughly comes out to 4 to 8 Master Recyclers needed for each Parkway date. So join a group or sign up as an individual and join the fun.


A training guide and resources will be provided prior to the event. The guide will inform you of your day of responsibilities and the tools you will need to carry them out. The biggest part of your service will be to rely on your training as a Master Recycler to lead, education and assist the “Trash Talkers”, who will be there to assist you and the general public at large.


Responsibilities of a Master Recycler include:

  • Assist with Train the Trainers training for the “Trash Talkers”
  • Serve as main site coordinator for the “Trash Talkers”
  • Assist the “Trash Talkers” with set up of each trash collection site at each park and provide support if volunteer numbers are low
  • Work with Informational Coordinators at the Sunday Parkways booths (make sure that the vendor’s green needs are addressed)
  • Fill out a survey after the event, providing feedback about the event

More information on Sunday Parkways:

Southeast, May 21:  Laurelhurst Park, Colonel Summers Park, Sewall Crest Park, Ivon Park

North, June 25:  McCoy Park, Kenton Park, Arbor Lodge Park, Peninsula Park and Rose Garden     

Northeast, July 23:  Woodlawn Park, Alberta Park, Fernhill Park, KHUNAMOKWST Park     

Outer Northeast, August 20:  Knott Park, Hazelwood Hydro Park, East Holladay Park, Thompson Park            

Sellwood/Milwaukee, September 24:  Sellwood, Westmoreland, Water Tower Park, Farmers Market/Milwaukie City Hall