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Educators helping the Master Recycler Program (Writing quizzes)

Hello Educators! If you have a background in education for all ages, but especially adults, your help is needed. The Master Recycler Program is working on offering Master Recyclers a series of quizzes during and after the class to help Master Recyclers keep fresh and identify gaps in information.

I am seeking about three people to help me create a quiz structure and then write the quizzes that I will implement.

I expect that the project will take place June through September with some group meetings and work between them. I will identify the most convenient location and meeting times once I know who I am working with.

Of course all time spent on this project counts as volunteer hours. If you are not able to work on the project for the given timeframe, I may still be able to plug you in. So please contact me if you would like to contribute your skills.

Lauren Norris