Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost Links

Reduce and Reuse Resources

Resourceful PDX Portland makes it easy to be resourceful. Find tools here to help make simple changes to save more and live more through reuse, fixing, sharing and borrowing and buying smart.

Metro's Just Say No to Junk Mail Kit and other waste prevention ideas.

Free Geek Computer Reuse and Recycling

Community Warehouse donates furniture and household items to families in need

SCRAP promotes creative reuse through education and affordable  reuse materials

School House Supplies takes private and corporate donations of all kinds - from basics like pencils and paper to books, backpacks, and folders - and put them in the hands of students.

Rebuilding Center and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for salvage building materials

Center for a New American Dream helps Americans reduce and shift their consumption to improve quality of life, protect the environment and promote social justice.

Center for Earth Leadership offers trainings that empower Northwesterners to forge a sustainable culture.

Reuse It Video on reusing building materials by City of Eugene, DEQ, and BRING Recycling.

Recycling Resources

Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR): A nonprofit coalition of individuals, governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses committed to encouraging waste prevention and recycling in Oregon.

Recycling Advocates: Oregon's only citizen-based, grassroots group dedicated to creating a sustainable future through local efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

By area:

Curbside Recycling in Clackamas County

Curbside Recycling in Gresham

Curbside and Apartment Recycling in Portland

Curbside and Apartment Recycling in Washington County

Non-curbside recycling:

Metro Find a Recycler: to find a place to recycle materials you can not recycle in your curbside program, enter your address and item you want to recycle and this site will find the closest recycler available. If you still need help you can call (503)234-3000

Video: What goes on at the Metro Transfer Station?

Residential Curbside Recycling:

Check out this YouTube Video to see what happens to recycling after it leaves your curb.  The video is by SP Recycling (a Material Recovery Facility) and shows how they sort out recyclables by machines and hand.

Oregon E Cycles is a free, easy and environmentally responsible recycling program for computers, monitors and TVs. The program is financed by electronics manufacturers and jointly implemented with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Find the closest place to take your e-waste.

Business Waste Reduction Resources

Metro Recycle at Work Program

BoneyardNW (online commercial building materials exchange)

 School Programs

Metro Education Services

Oregon Green Schools

Food and Yard Waste Resources

Metro's Guide to Residential Composting and Wormbins

Fork it Over! Commercial Food Donation Program

Portland Composts! for Businesses

Sustainable Food Resources

El reciclaje en español  (Recycling in Spanish) 

Un guía para recollección de basura, reciclaje y composta en español  (Portland Recycling Guide in Spanish)

Preguntas más frecuentes (Frequently Asked Questions in Spanish)

Vocabulario de reciclaje ingles/español (English/Spanish recycling vocabulary)

Reciclando en su comunidad Presentación (Recycling in Your Community Presentation)

¿Todavía tiene preguntas? llame a la línea de Metro Recycling Information, al 503-234-3000 se habla español.


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