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 Annual Report Annual Report 2013-2014  pdf (365 KB)
  Third Quarter 2014-2015  
 Newsletters  Month Stories with resources or useful information
2015  January  Oregonians Recycling at All-time Highest Rate
  February Three Ways to Get Rich (On Life)
  March Food-Only Composting: Changes for Businesses Starting March 1
  April Taking Control of the Electronics Problem
  May Food Waste Prevention Campaigns
  June Back to Basics: Do’s and Don’ts of Deciding What Goes In
  July Right Size Your Container
2014  February (183 KB) Glass Recycling Takes a Step Up in Portland
  March (391 KB) Spring Maintenance Master Recycler Style
  April (431 KB) Happy Earth Day
  May (639 KB) eCullet tour; Commercial Compost Changes
  June (809 KB) Summer Opportunities; Glean to Art; Washington County Commercial Food Scrap Pilot
  July (437 KB) Hello From Guatemala!
  August  Big impacts for the year
  September Food Preservation
  October  Back to basics with Paper
  November How Safe is that Wool Suite?
  December Make a Difference This December
 2013  January (271 KB) Healthy Clean and Green in 2013
  February (505 KB) Clothes: An Avenue to Building Community
  March (312 KB) Reuse Fun This Spring
  April (321 KB) Climates, Cities and Behavior Symposium
  May (791 KB) Spring tour of Total Reclaim
  June (916 KB) Sharing is the Word for Summer
  July (550 KB) Equity and Recycling
  August (707 KB) Best Wishes Michelle Pimentel; Metro Survey
  September (1,109 KB) Portland's Small Rental Project
  October (773 KB) Used Clothes: Not So Charitable
  November (830 KB) Being Resourceful in the Bulk Aisle
  December (773 KB) Model Food Waste Prevention Campaign Making Measurable Strides
2012  January (441 KB) Being Resourceful; Be Cart Smart Ramps Up
  February (361 KB) Washington County Class 49 Tours Recology
  March (330 KB) Can Drives, Food Scraps
  April (329 KB) Earth Day
  May (566 KB) Sharing is the New Green
  June (614 KB) New Plastics Recycler In Town
  July (402 KB) Glass: Changes Afoot
  August (313 KB) How to Build a World of Sharing
  September (2,483 KB) Good Things At The Curb, new recycling options for Styrofoamtm
  October (323 KB) Event Fun Means Green Fun; Stop Unwanted Mail!; Two New Kits
  November (244 KB) Be Resourceful; DEQ Annual Report 
  December (400 KB) Holiday Sharing
2011  January (179 KB) Columbia Biogas
  February (191 KB) Consumption and Behavior Change: Bridge the Gap
  March (273 KB) Bridge the Gap: Upstream Social Costs of Consumption
  April (412 KB) Blue Heron Paper Mill Closes; Regional Paper Recycling Remains Local
  May (288 KB) Chaco Waves for Change Art Contest; Be Resourceful and Reuse PDX collaboration
  June (685 KB) Basics on Commercial Recycling Requirements;  Port of Portland tour
  July (548 KB) Revised Oregon Bottle Bill
  August (895 KB) New curbside collection rollout; Plastic bag ban
  September (970 KB) Summertime Outreach; Be Cart Smart: Include the Food Messaging
  October (807 KB) Be Cart Smart: Include the Food! Changes are coming
  November (486 KB) A very sustainable wedding
  December (367 KB) Resourceful Holidays; 2010 Statewide Recovery, Disposal and Generation
2010  January (237 KB) Change is in the Air for Food Scrap
  February (296 KB) Portland Recycles! Phase II: Food Scrap Coming in April
  March (316 KB) 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
  April (350 KB) Class Spirit  
  May (223 KB) Portland Recycles! Food Scrap Pilot & Regional Plans on Food Collection  
  June (410 KB) Vermiculture Tour at Rock Creek PCC and Far West Fibers Materials Details  
  July (279 KB) Be Resourceful Campaign Launch  
  August (395 KB) Be Resourceful in the Kitchen  
  September (385 KB)    
  October (397 KB) DEQ Annual Waste Report; MR Manual updates  
  November (339 KB) Three inspiring projects  
  December (364 KB) Portland Composts! update and Be Resourceful for the holidays.  
2009  January (213 KB)  
  February (312 KB)  
  March (350 KB) The Latest Scoop on Plastic Recycling
  April (411 KB)  
  May (388 KB) Paper Recycling
  June (404 KB) 2009 Spring Tour: Four local recycling companies
  July (264 KB)  
  August  (431 KB) Metal Recycling
  September (376 KB) Event Recycling, Spanish Resources
  October (277 KB) Reusable Bag Survey, Hillsboro C&D MRF
  November (328 KB) Upstream Costs of Food
2008  January (285 KB) Waste Generation Rate Up, Guatemalan environmental projects
  February  (292 KB) Curbside Gets Region-wide Accepted Materials List
  April Columbia Ridge Landfill Tour
  May (426 KB)  
  June  (297 KB) Digital television
  July (265 KB)  
  August (325 KB)    
  September (289 KB) Bioplastics Not Such a Great Green Idea  
  October (197 KB)    
  November (249 KB)  Recycling Rates Dip; Comingling Challenges  
  December (174 KB) Slow Recycling Markets  
 2007  January (260 KB) Guatemala and Climate Change
  February (98 KB)  
  March (621 KB)  
  April (122 KB) Cedar Grove Compost Facility and Association of Oregon Recyclers trip to Costa Rica  
  May (109 KB) Portland Recycles! Plan  
  June (124 KB)      
  July (284 KB) Master Recycler Program wins Association of Oregon Recyclers Award    
  August (192 KB) Regional move toward consistency in curbside recycling    
  September (198 KB)      
  October (293 KB) Waste Reduction at Community Events    
  November (373 KB) Stakeholders Developing Portland Recycles! Plan, Gresham Announces Gresham Composts Program    
2006  December (241KB)  
  November (230KB)  
  October (269KB)  
  September (263KB) Used Clothes - Another Harmful Export?
  August (246KB)  
  July (232KB) Waste Reduction in Remodeling
  June (301KB)  
  May (262KB)  
  April (139KB)  
  January (178KB)  
  September (30KB)  
  August (47KB)  
  July (46KB)  
  June (49KB)  
  May (57KB)  
  April (64KB)  
  February (63KB)  
  January (98KB)  


 2004  December (58KB) Master Recycler Heads Waste Reduction at PDX Airport
  November (81KB)  
  October (64KB)  
  September (65KB)  
  August (50KB) Clackamas County Community Event Recycling Master Recycler Project
  July (60KB)  
  June (57KB)  
  May (68KB)  
  April (51KB) Portland Low-participation Canvass Project
  March (42KB) Why Comingle at Curbside Instead of Separate?
  February (177KB) Steve Cohen New Master Recycler Coordinator
  January (65KB) Seattle's Mandatory Recycling Program


 2003  December (62.6KB)  
  November (73.5KB)  
  October (80.1KB)  
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  July (75.4KB)  
  June (173KB)  
  May (164KB)  
  April (112KB)  
  March (170KB)  
  February (203KB)  
  January (177KB)  


 2002  December (210KB)  
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  August (248KB)
  July (474KB)


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