Master Recycler Newsletter --July 2018

Planet-Friendly Painting

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Deciding to paint your beige house a daring fiesta chili can sometimes feel easier than ensuring that the project is planet-friendly. With a little planning and use of local resources you can easily reduce waste and toxics the next time you paint.

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Master Recycler Receives Statewide Award! 

Congratulations to Eva Aguilar (Class 63) who received Recycler of the Year Award!


“Eva Aguilar, a bilingual program educator with Solid Waste & Recycling and a Master Recycler, recently received the Recycler of the Year Award at the Association of Oregon Recyclers conference in Eugene. Eva was recognized for her outstanding work with the county’s Latino community.

One of Eva’s major projects was developing the ¡Acepte el Reto! Coma Mejor, Ahorrando Más campaign, a fully transcreated version of the Eat Smart, Waste Less campaign. Her outreach efforts have resulted in impressive outcomes! Prior to Eva’s work, this food waste prevention effort received only a few pledges from Spanish-speaking community members. Following Eva’s work, the campaign received 350 pledges (38 percent of total) from Spanish-speaking community members. This level of engagement with the Latino community far surpasses Solid Waste & Recycling’s prior efforts.

Eva has fostered lasting partnerships with Latino empowerment organizations such as Centro Cultural, Adelante Mujeres, Bienestar and Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. These partnerships support our waste prevention and recycling goals, reach previously underserved community members, and offer training and empowerment opportunities to community leaders. On top of her outstanding work developing and implementing campaigns, Eva routinely works long evenings and weekends speaking with community groups and tabling at events. This award recognizes Eva for going above and beyond as she advocates for equitable access for the Latino community related to waste prevention and recycling.


A new Quincenturion!


Sara Harding Mihm (Class 59) who has now reported more than 500 hundred volunteer hours! This makes Sara an official Master Recycler Quincenturion -with a new button to add to her badge!

From policy to lifestyle, Sara lives and breathes sustainability. She spent hundreds of hours on the West Linn Sustainability Advisory Board ensuring sustainable practices are happening throughout the community. Sara is particularly committed to seeing that sustainability meets the triple bottom line of environment, economy and equity. She spent as much time on big policy change as she did sharing with her own community in one-on-one or small presentations on greener cleaners, wasted food, resourceful living, reuse and so much more. She even got her husband and mother to become Master Recyclers who are both doing great things in the community, as well.

New Certified Master Recyclers

Five Master Recyclers completed their 30-hour commitment this month!


Caroline Koudelka (Class 55) focused her volunteer hours in Tualatin where she lives. She set up a recycling table at the Tualatin Health Fair and Gigantic Plant Sale. She presented to the Tualatin Valley Preschool Board on bleach reduction. To complete her 30 hours, she presented at each of the 5th grade classes for the 5th grade Legacy Project at Bryrom Elementary. The kids learned about climate, recycling and responsible consumerism and then designed a mural out of plastic caps.


Richard Eyde (Class 66) volunteered at all sorts of events in the Beaverton area. He helped with a compost give-away (pictured on the far right) and provided pre-schoolers with a presentation on the origins of Ketchup (and why it shouldn't go to waste). Dick particularly shined as a fixer at the repair fairs.


Helen Krieger (Class 66) found her home at the Forest Grove Farmers' Market. At the market, they have a station that collects materials you can recycler at the curb and answer recycling questions. Helen also participated in the PlanetCon a collection event/information fair that Westside Master Recyclers organize.

Elena Parker (Class 66) also joined the amazing team of volunteers at the Forest Grove Farmers' Market. She wrote in her last report, "You will be truly amazed to see the Waste Center in full operation. We have an amazing core of volunteers, it’s fun and it’s really rewarding spending time with so many wonderful people." 

Amy Surratt (Class 68) is the first of her class to become Certified. She graduated from the class on May 23 chomping at the bit. She started out at the Canby Spring Garden Fair and then joined other Master Recyclers at Oregon City and Milwaukie Farmers' Markets. She is currently working with fellow classmate Kathy Swanson on a series of market days at the West Linn Farmers' Market.

Volunteer Opportunities

Conservation News

City of Beaverton Opens a New Collection: the Library of Things!

Are you interested in "zero waste" ideas for your work and home?

What is Zero Waste? It's a popular approach that many people are adopting to reduce the amount of materials they generate that are being sent to landfills or incinerators. It can be something done by an individual, a household, an organization or a business.

Please fill out this short survey to let Recycling Advocates and Zero Waste Cloe know about your interest in a Zero Waste event in Portland later this year.

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