City of Gresham Kits


Location: Gresham City Hall 1333 NW Eastman Parkway

Contact: Shaunna Sutcliffe, 503-618-2694,

The recycling and Eat Smart Waste Less Tables are usually combined unless you specify otherwise.


Key messages and use: It is important to recycle right! Keep plastic bags out. Glass goes on the side.


Includes: Gresham table banner.

Optional: Recycle right magnet game – dry erase sign with magnetic pieces made from reused lids;

Optional: Recycle right “tornadoes” (recycle bin and garbage bin with recyclables and garbage going in).

Literature: City of Gresham Recycle Right resources: yes/no yard waste guides, Recycle Right magnets, in-out guides, unflushables guide, Garbage, Recyclables and Yard Debris posters.


Metro Publications: Green cleaners guide, hazardous waste guide, be a resource recycler coloring book, construction salvage toolkit, simple steps to a healthy lawn and garden, backyard compost guide, metro recycling hotline magnets, hazardous waste magnets, the hazardless home handbook, safe disposal of needles guide, lettuce seeds, DIY wormbin guide.


Eat Smart, Waste Less


Key Messages: tips and tools to prevent food waste through meal planning, proper storage and recipes. Goal is to sign residents up for Eat Smart Waste Less “Challenge” offering prize for one winner who signs up.

Literature: ESWL Challenge sign ups, A-Z food storage tips binder, “An apple isn’t just an apple” coloring book, grocery shopping lists, eat this first stickers, “has your food expired” info, food storage magnets, food prep stickers.


Available equipment


All kits include a cart for transporting, a first aid kit, pens and a notepad for tallying conversations, and weights for keeping things from blowing away. Optional also is a

  • lightweight canopy

  • lightweight folding table

  • Recycling and Garbage “Tornados”