Clackamas County Kits


Clackamas County offers a variety of tools and resources to help you in your outreach to residents and businesses. Topics range from recycling and garbage, preventing food waste, green cleaners and more. 

Location: 150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City
Contact: Stacy Ludington, 503-742-4463, 


Recycling and Garbage

Key messages: What goes in recycling and garbage carts. Glass on the Side. No Plastic Bags. Only four types of plastic are accepted. Think ‘size’ and ‘shape’. When in doubt throw it out.

Includes: Recycling table top display; garbage table top display.

Optional: Paper Recycling yes/no board and stand; Plastics Recycling yes/no board and stand.

Optional: Four brightly colored View-Masters with slides about Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting. (See picture in Master Recycler section below)

Optional: Wheel of fortune to spin and ask questions related to recycling, toxics, energy savings, reduce, reuse and greener cleaners.

Literature: Residential Recycle guides; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle guide; Recycling Depot Lists; Master Recycler post cards; Kid’s recycle coloring booklets; Prizes – temporary tattoos, window clings, and magnets.


Recycling Yes/No Boards

Description: Visual boards for plastics and paper items, with Yes and No indicated on separate panels.

  • Paper Recycling board and stand
  • Plastics Recycling board and stand

Suggested Literature:

  • Residential Recycle guides
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle guide
  • Recycling Depot Lists
  • Kid’s recycle coloring booklets
  • Prizes – Tattoos, window clings, magnets

Reduce Food Waste

Key messages: Prevent good food from going to waste. Easy steps for proper food storage and resources to reduce wasted food.

Includes: Storage bag, model of a mini-fridge and basket; and basket of fruits and veggies.

Literature: Fridge Storage flyer; Fruit & Vegetable Storage half sheet; and Food Preservation flyers and cards.


Green Cleaner

Key Message: Reduce toxic chemicals at home by using simple, household ingredients to make safe cleaners. Safe disposal of toxics is important.

Includes: Green cleaner display board (small or large boards available) and examples of simple cleaners.

Optional: Supplies for making greener cleaners (soft scrub, glass cleaner).

Optional: Non-toxic ant bait to give away.

Literature: Green Cleaner Recipe booklets; Household Hazardous Waste flyers; Metro coupons for disposal of toxics; Hazardless Home Handbook; and Metro magnets.




Description: Ever popular wheel features kid-friendly questions to test basic knowledge of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and conservation.


  • Wheel
  • Booklet of Wheel Questions
  • Prizes – Tattoos, window clings, magnets
  • Suggested Literature:
  • Residential Recycle Guides
  • Kid’s recycle coloring booklets


Looking for a new way to spice up your table display? Lizzy Oedell (Class 53), who works at Image3D, spent some of her payback time making new ViewMasters using slides and messages from the latest class. There are four topic areas: Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting.


Head in the Hole Board

Note: this display is heavy and requires two people to lift.  


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