Metro Regional Government Kits


Requests for Metro kits should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. If you would like to view the kits beforehand, please contact the point-person below to schedule a time for viewing.

Location: Metro Regional Center, 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland


Healthy Homes Display


Key Messages: Many conventional chemical products used in the home can be harmful to our health and toxic to our waste stream. This kit highlights simple and effective tools to help reduce the number of harsh chemicals used in the home. Activities emphasize three main strategies for toxics reduction: 1) making your own cleaners, 2) DIY personal care recipes, 3) and non-toxic ways to deal with pest infestations.

Includes: A Metro Table Cloth. A game wheel with questions provides a fun way to engage both children and adults. Metro-branded prizes such as magnets, buttons and bandanas may be included in the kit, depending on supply availability.

Option: Make-your-own cleaner or personal care product supplies for a hands-on demonstration.

Literature: Choose from the publications listed under the “toxics” heading of Metro Publications form online or ask the Metro contact below what materials they recommend. Additional literature and interactive materials to support this kit are forthcoming.

Contact: Farrah Fatemi, 503-517-6889


Recycle or Not - Reciclar o no


Key Messages: Some items are creating confusion for recyclers in the greater Portland, Oregon, area. Check the list in Recycle or Not to make sure you're recycling right. It won’t take long, but it will make a difference for the environment. Check the list at

 or Recyclers can also find out if an item is recyclable at home by submitting a photo to @recycleornot or @reciclarono on Instagram. There will also be a rotating feature item with messages about it. Right now, it is plastic bags and wrap.

Included: Recycle or Not game with board, dice, and prizes. Sign board in English and Spanish. Mascot racoon.

Literature: Recycle or Not and Reciclar o no Brochures. Metro magnets.

Contact: Jamie Repasky, 503-797-1827,


Recycle Fortune Wheel



Key messages: Includes English and Spanish questions (for different age groups) in the following topic areas: recycling, waste prevention, natural resources, and toxics. After the participant spins the wheel and lands on one of the topic areas, you look up your question and answer depending on their age and language.

Literature: Please follow the procedures mentioned below under “Metro Publications.” For give-away prizes, please let us know how many participants you anticipate so that you can provide enough prizes (usually a Metro-branded pencil with the RIC’s phone number on it).

Contact: Darwin Eustaquio, 503-797-1522


Youth education

Metro offers free loanable kits that include lesson plans and materials to teach youth more about resource conservation, compost, wormbins, and recycling. These are designed to be used by classrooms, after-school groups or summer camps. To see all youth oriented materials available, visit Metro online


Metro Publications

Metro has brochures, booklets, and magnets. Topics include: non-curbside recycling, compost, toxics reduction, hazardous waste disposal and more. Download a publication or submit an order for free materials through their publication library and order form. Please allow one business day to process your order.