Metro Kits


The Metro Recycling Information Center (RIC) has lots of literature on many topics related to waste reduction and toxins.  You can go to the RIC during their business hours and check out any of this literature for free.  Ask about Metro magnets as well! Check out the publications form to see the current materials available. 

Location: Metro, 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland
Contact: 503-234-3000


Healthy Homes “Bubbles” Display

 Front of the "half bubbles" display

Front of the "half bubbles" display

Key Messages: Avoid using pesticides and toxics in and around the home through integrated pest management and green cleaners.

Literature: Choose from the publications listed in the Metro Publications form online or ask the contact to include whatever materials they use for their healthy homes kit.

 back of the display with instructions

back of the display with instructions

Contact: Steve Kingsford-Smith, 503-797-1797


Recycle Fortune Wheel

Key messages: Includes English and Spanish questions (for different age groups) in the following topic areas: recycling, waste prevention, natural resources, and toxics. After the kid spins the while you look up your question and answer depending on their age and language.

Literature: Metro education specialists have prizes for kids; Go to RIC to select the literature you’d like. They should also have recycling guides for the City where you plan to volunteer, but if they don’t use the lists above to add that. 

Contact: Darwin Eustaquio, 503-797-1522


Youth Resources

To see all youth oriented materials available, visit Metro online.

Contact: Kimberly Taylor, 503-797-1671,