Gresham Kits

Location: Gresham City Hall 1333 NW Eastman Parkway

Contact: Shaunna Sutcliffe-Shadle, 503-618-2694,



Key messages and use: It is important to recycle right! Keep bags out. Glass goes on the side.


  • Garbage, recycling, glass containers

  • Sample materials


Literature: In/Out – Sí/No sheets, Bring Your Bag window sticker, GoCart cards, Reduce, reuse, recycle brochure, Metro magnets, and Greener Cleaner recipe book

Beaverton Kits

Location: Beaverton City Hall, 12725 SW Millikan Way. Park in one of the 15 minutes spots on Millikan and ring the delivery bell.

Contact: Caitlin Ahearn, 503-526-2665,

All kits come with carrier, tablecloth, pens, display holders, etc. Detailed talking points and how to use the table will be discussed when the kit is reserved.



Key messages and use: What goes in the commingled cart, what doesn’t. Glass on the side. No plastic bags.


Garbage, Mixed Recycling & Glass Recycling containers labeled with decals; sample materials (commingled items, glass, recycling and garbage items).

Literature: Every Day is Recycling Day flyers, Master Recycler post cards


Eat Smart, Waste Less

Location: Beaverton City Hall, 12725 SW Millikan Way

Key message: Americans waste 20% of their food. Learn simple tips to save money and stop food waste. SMART STORAGE – keep fruits and vegetables fresh by storing them correctly.

Call to action: Take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge. Ask people to take the pledge to reduce their food waste at home. It’s a 4-week challenge where they will receive one email a week with tips and tricks to reduce their food waste. If they complete the survey at the end of the four weeks they will receive a reusable produce bag.

Includes: Branded table runner, produce storage sorting game, display items

iterature: Pledge forms, stickers, magnets, A-Z storage guide and more


Clackamas County Kits


Clackamas County offers a variety of tools and resources to help you in your outreach to residents and businesses. Topics range from recycling and garbage, preventing food waste, green cleaners and more. 

Location: 150 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City
Contact: Stacy Ludington, 503-742-4463,


Recycling and Garbage

Key messages: What goes in recycling and garbage carts. Glass on the Side. No Plastic Bags. Only four types of plastic are accepted. Think ‘size’ and ‘shape’. When in doubt throw it out.

Includes: Recycling table top display; garbage table top display.

Optional: Wrap wall showing plastic wrap accepted for recycling at local grocery stores and depots.

Optional: Four brightly colored View-Masters with slides about Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting. (See picture in Master Recycler section below)

Literature: Residential Recycle guides; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle guide; Recycling Depot Lists; Master Recycler post cards; Kid’s recycle coloring booklets; Prizes – temporary tattoos, window clings, and magnets.


Reduce Food Waste

Key messages: Eat Smart, Waste Less (ESWL). Prevent good food from going to waste. Easy steps for proper food storage and resources to reduce wasted food.

Includes: Produce bag prizes for ESWL challengers ESWL wheel with food related questions, prizes for kids, and basket of fruits and veggies.

Literature: Fridge Storage flyer; Fruit & Vegetable Storage half sheet; Food Preservation flyers and cards; ESWL pledge forms; shopping pads; smart storage magnets; and more.


Green Cleaner

Key Message: Reduce toxic chemicals at home by using simple, household ingredients to make safe cleaners. Safe disposal of toxics is important.

Includes: Green cleaner display board and examples of simple cleaners.

Optional: Supplies for making greener cleaners (soft scrub, or glass cleaner).

Optional: Non-toxic ant bait to give away.

Literature: Green Cleaner Recipe booklets; Household Hazardous Waste flyers; Metro coupons for disposal of toxics; Hazardless Home Handbook; and Metro magnets.




Looking for a new way to spice up your table display? Lizzy Oedell (Class 53), who works at Image3D, spent some of her payback time making new ViewMasters using slides and messages from the latest class. There are four topic areas: Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting.


Head in the Hole Board

Note: this display is heavy and requires two people to lift.  


Write here...

Metro Kits


Metro has brochures, booklets, and magnets. Topics include: non-curbside recycling, compost, toxics reduction, hazardous waste disposal and more. Download a publication or submit an order for free materials through their publication library and order form. Please allow one business day to process your order.


Location: Metro Recycling Information Center, Metro Regional Center, 600 NE Grand Ave, Portland

Contact: 503-234-3000


Requests for Metro kits should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. If you would like to view the kits beforehand, please contact the point-person below to schedule a time for viewing.

Healthy Homes Display

Metro is transitioning the Healthy Homes kit. Contact Farrah to learn more about what is available.

Key Messages: Avoid using pesticides and toxics in and around the home through integrated pest management and green cleaners.

Literature: Choose from the publications listed in the Metro Publications form online or ask the contact to include whatever materials they use for their healthy homes kit.

Contact: Farrah Fatemi, 503-517-6889



Recycle Fortune Wheel

Key messages: Includes English and Spanish questions (for different age groups) in the following topic areas: recycling, waste prevention, natural resources, and toxics. After the participant spins the wheel and lands on one of the topic areas, you look up your question and answer depending on their age and language.


Please follow the procedures mentioned above under “Literature.” For give-away prizes, please let Darwin (contact info below) know how many participants you anticipate having and he can provide enough prizes along with the Recycle Fortune Wheel (usually a Metro-branded pencil with the RIC’s phone number on it).

Contact: Darwin Eustaquio, 503-797-1522


Youth Resources

To see all youth oriented materials available, visit Metro online.

Contact: Kimberly Taylor, 503-797-1671,


Portland Kits

Location: 1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100, Portland. Park in 15 minute loading dock. Kits are staged in Will Call room, down hall to the left of 7th floor reception.


Be Cart Smart: Every Cart Plays Its Part

Key messages: Curbside collection service in Portland includes weekly yard debris and food scraps, weekly recycling and every-other-week garbage pickup. Sign up for pick up day notifications. Include the food! Collect all food, including meat, bones, dairy and grains, in your kitchen collection container and empty it frequently into the green roll cart. No plastic bags; keep glass on the side.

Includes: Be Cart Smart floor banner; renter information display and foodscrap container. Got bag window sticker table top display; tablecloth; clicker; and pens.

Optional: Be Cart Smart Game: Dry erase sign with images of containers, metal easels, game piece items to sort with magnet on back.

Optional: Master Recycler banner.

Optional: Yes, no kit: Box of real examples of materials that can be used to discuss what goes in garbage and recycling (compost options not available because they rot, but you could bring some.)

Optional: Four brightly colored View-Masters with slides about Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting.

Literature: Curbside collection guide (in 12 languages); renter guide; multifamily guide. Include the food stickers; reusable bag window clings; Oregon E-Cycles card; Metro magnets and junk mail kit; Master Recycler postcards.

Contact: Alicia Polacok, 503-823-7107,



Resourceful PDX 

Key messages: Ideas for making simple changes in everyday choices. Save More, Live More. Share tips and resources so people can 1) Buy smart, 2) Reuse, 3) Borrow & Share and 4) Fix & Maintain. These actions can help save money, support the community, conserve natural resources and leave people with more time to enjoy with friends and family. Life transitions (moves, having a child) are good times to seek alternatives.

Includes: Pull up banner. 

Interactive map display with a focus on four categories to show where people can go for resources and how to use them.

Color coded pieces and dry erase pens. Table top displays for each topic and Bring Your Bag. Tablecloth, pens, clicker, and paper weights.

Literature: Resourceful PDX brochure, four transition inserts, durable lunch kit flyer, reusable bag window clings, Metro magnets.


Optional: Resourceful PDX game. Each of the objects in this game has one match that is related to the four categories. They might be related because one is better than the other. They might be related because one is a tool that can be used so that you can Buy Smart, Reuse, Share or Repair the other item. Class 63 tried it out for the first time and found it fun and informative. If you don’t live in Portland, you can still check the kit out without the literature which is focused on Portland resources.

Contact: Alicia Polacok, 503-823-7107,


Eat Smart Waste Less: Climate Action Now (CAN)

Key Messages: Eat Smart Waste Less (ESWL) – formerly CAN/Climate Action Now: Save Your Food – focuses on three waste prevention strategies: 1. meal planning and shopping lists to buy only what is needed, 2. proper storage to keep food fresh and tasty, 3. and ways to make sure food at home is eaten before going to waste. Families can also take the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge. The first step is to pledge to practice the simple step of smart storage by keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh. .

CAN Save Your Food table-seeds and game.jpeg
CAN Save Your Food table-materials.jpeg

Includes: Food storage magnetic game board and game pieces with hints/tips on the back; A-Z Food Storage Guide (as reference for Master Recyclers tabling, not for hand out); seeds as giveaways.

Literature: Food storage tips/climate information handout; shopping list notepad; pledge sheets; food storage magnets; “Eat This First” sticker; date/eat-by stickers; shopping list pads; kids activity book “An Apple Isn’t Just an Apple”

Contact: Wing Grabowski, 503-823-4309,


Multifamily Waste Reduction

Key messages: Multifamily collection service in Portland includes garbage and recycling; no plastic bags and glass on the side. Because yard debris and food scrap service are offered at the discretion of the property manager, a visual assessment of the collection area(s) is part of any presentation to multifamily communities.

Please note: multifamily is five or more units on a tax lot. This includes apartments, condos, dorms, moorages, retirement communities, and others. 

Kit includes: “Yes/No” bag of various sample items to be sorted; bucket with literature, collection area assessment form and suggested presentation tips.

Suggested lit: 
Property Managers: Successful Garbage and Recycling Overview; Keeping Residents Informed; Composting Food Scraps and Service Setup. Durable Signs for Recycling, Garbage and Composting
Residents: Guide to Recycling and Garbage; Composting; Magnet and Door Hanger Card.
Other Resources: Metro magnets, Green Cleaner handbook, medical waste guide, junk mail reduction, etc.


Contact the Multifamily Program to pick up the kit. If unfamiliar with multifamily materials or audit form, also set up a time for a quick check-in.

Contact: 503-823-7224,



Key messages: Backyard composting and worm bins help your garden and houseplants grow. Backyard composting is easy. Food that breaks down in the landfill produces methane which is a potent greenhouse gas. (Note: this kit does not include a wormbin. You can bring your own to embellish on the kit).

Includes: Miniature model compost bin; tablecloth with worms; colorful magnifying glasses; and signage on composting and worm bins. Must supply your own worm bin.

Literature: It’s Easy to Make Your Own Compost; Natural Garden magnet and Guide; basic compost bin construction flyer; basic worm bin construction flyer; and Worm Bin Basics. (Note: all of these are Metro publications.)

Contact: Alicia Polacok, 503-823-7107,


Greener Cleaner

Key messages: Keep your family safe, simplify how you clean. Read warning labels. Dispose of toxics and needles properly.

Includes: Tabletop display, basket with basic “greener cleaner kit” (with sign: all you need to clean your house), signs for problem cleaners and their alternatives. Mr. Yuck stickers and dangerous cleaner bottles.

Literature: Greener Cleaner recipe book; Household Hazardous Handbook; Take on Toxics (TOTS); 10 easy steps to reduce toxics; schedule for Metro’s community household hazardous material collection events; what to do with needles; and Metro magnets. Stickers with recipes for making your own cleaners. Materials available in Spanish and English.

Contact: Wing Grabowski, 503-823-4309,




Looking for a new way to spice up your table display? Lizzy Oedell (Class 53), who works at Image3D, spent some of her payback time making new ViewMasters using slides and messages from the latest class. There are four topic areas: Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting.

Contact: Alicia Polacok, 503-823-7107,


Master Recycler Banner


Master Recycler Display Board

Help promote the Master Recycler Program by including this display in your kit. Available with any Portland kit. 



  • Folding canopy

  • Folding table

  • Folding chairs

  • Table clothes

  • Brochure stands

Portland Sustainability at Work

SaW tri photo and logo.png

Recycling at Work 101 PowerPoint

Because the presentations are continually updated, please contact 503-823-7037,


Do-It-Yourself Waste Sort

The Waste Sort Report Template will walk you through the steps of setting up a waste sort. The Do-it-Yourself Waste Sort Check list is a guide for compiling sort results. The kit includes everything you need to complete a sort: 

  • tarps

  • bins

  • a scale

  • gloves

Location: 1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100, Portland
Contact: 503-823-7037,

Green Cleaner Recipe Stickers Kit

Below are four PDF's of Greener Cleaner recipe stickers. You can print them on label paper and tell folks to stick them on spray bottles. You can also request the stickers in most of the places that you can check out the Greener Cleaner kits in the links above. 

Examples of labels from this kit:

Washington County Kits

Request Resources

Visit the County page and fill out the request form. Please specify which kit, display equipment, other equipment, banner and activity you would like to check out. 

Location: This is a temporary address. Washington County will return to Hillsboro after construction. 20665 SE Blanton St, Aloha

Contact: Kym Buzdygon, 503-846-3651,


All Kits Include

  • Rolling plastic tote

  • Pencils and pens

  • Solid Waste & Recycling Program table-throw

  • Clipboard to capture names and emails

  • Notebook to record questions

  • Instructions on how to use the kit


Recycling and Toxics

Key messages: What goes in recycling and garbage carts and what doesn’t; glass on the side. No plastic bags. Sign up for pick up day notifications. Take toxics and needles to their proper place. Avoid toxics by using greener cleaners.

Includes: Garbage and Recycling Day Display. Choose between table-top banner (to be used indoors only) or floor-standing banner (can be used indoors or outdoors). Durable Rolling kit with supplies.

Optional: Garbage and Recycling Day Spin wheel and prizes.

Optional: A variety of literature display stands.

Optional: Four brightly colored View-Masterstm with slides about Waste Prevention, Food Waste Prevention, Toxics, and Backyard Composting. (See picture in Master Recycler section below)

Optional: Master Recycler banner.

Literature: Waste reduction tip sheets, residential recycling brochures, RecycleWise newsletters, Metro magnets. Coloring books. Spanish and English.


Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge

Key message: The average family wastes 20 percent of what they buy. We all have good intentions but we all waste some food. By making small shifts in how we shop, prepare and store food, we save more of our food, money and resources from going to waste. 

Call to action: Try one or more of the five promoted tips to save more of your food: 

1.    Shop with meals in mind.
2.    Prep now and eat later.
3.    Keep it fresh.
4.    Eat what you buy.
5.    Measure your wasted food.

After taking the Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge, they can receive one or more tools to help them including the fruit and vegetable storage guide magnet. If they want more information, but aren’t ready to commit, they can they can visit They can take the challenge online and Washington County can send tools. 

Event kit includes: Guide to events; “ask me…” apron; food storage magnet game board and easel; and magnetic food pieces with tips on back; outdoor floor banner; brochure rack; challenge tools and materials; chalkboard activity; and prizes for activity participants.

Optional activity: Spin wheel

Presentation kit includes: Guide to presentations; food basket and storage signs activity; challenge tools and materials; laptop; projector; screen; and prizes for activity participants. Download the presentation

Just Eat It movie-viewing party kits: Coming soon! Please check back. 


Eat Smart, Waste Less Challenge Events, Presentations and Movie-Viewing Parties

Just Eat It movie-viewing party kit include: Just Eat It Screening Toolkit guide; Just Eat It DVD; challenge tools and materials; prizes for a drawing; laptop and projector (upon request); flier template


Cup-a-day and Water Bottle Display

Location: 155 N 1st Ave, Suite 160, Hillsboro

Key message: A one-piece container that shows the impacts of taking a travel mug instead of using a new cup for coffee every day.  Great to display in your office

Included: Waste reduction tip sheets, residential recycling brochures, RecycleWise newsletters, and Metro magnets.



Greener Cleaner Display

Key message: It’s unhealthy for you and family to use many cleaners. There are simple and safe solutions. Read warning labels.

Kit contains: Non-toxic ingredients, recipes and descriptions of each ingredient and it’s attributes in cleaning products. Additionally, a receipt listing the total invested in the ingredients shows how cost-effective green cleaners can be on the pocketbook.



Show three-dimensional informational slides with pictures. There are four topic areas to choose from or request all four: 

  • Waste prevention

  • Food waste prevention

  • Toxics

  • Backyard composting

Lizzy Oedell (Class 53), who works at Image3D, spent some of her payback time making the ViewMasters using slides and messages from a class.



Display Equipment

  • Floor standing brochure and flyer rack (14 lbs, best for outdoor events)

  • Floor standing mesh brochure and flyer rack (5 lbs, good for indoors only)

  • Table top flyer rack (4 pounds)

  • Table top brochure rack (5 pounds)

Other equipment

  • Folding canopy

  • Folding table

  • Folding chairs

The No Paper or Plastic Party Kit

You can borrow up to 150 dinner plates, 150 salad plates, 150 sets of utensils*, 200 cloth napkins, 100 wine glasses and 32 pint beverage/canning jars to use at your next party.


Only a deposit is required and will be fully refunded when/if everything is returned.

Having said that, a donation to Shake & Fold would be very very welcome. Or Facebook:

To reserve the No Paper or Plastic Party, contact the NP3 through Message or text (503) 799-0877.

* Knife, fork and spoon.

The location is in Forest Grove.