Reclaim It! Store Clerk (Close not indicated)

ReClaim It! Store Clerk/Cashier Job Announcement

ReClaim It! is a retail store at 1 N. Killingsworth, managed by Cracked Pots, Inc., a non-profit environmental arts organization devoted to waste reduction. The store sells objects and materials rescued from the waste stream, in order to inspire people to reuse and reimagine them. Given the nature of the materials, the candidate should have the ability to work in an environment where there is dirt, dust, and mold.

We are looking for a half-time Clerk/Cashier who enjoys working with the public and has a friendly, outgoing personality. The ideal candidate is someone dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and who displays a positive attitude when interacting with customers and volunteers. The applicant must be bondable. The Clerk/Cashier will be responsible for handling sales through the Square sales processing system and all the duties that correspond to this activity. The position is accountable to and reports to the Store Manager. The position is at-will and subject to the provisions of the Cracked Pots Employee Handbook.

Pay:                $12 an hour

Hours:            20 hours a week during store hours (W-Su 10-5)

Benefits:        No medical or vacation benefits other than statutory unpaid protected sick leave.

ReClaim It! Clerk/Cashier Responsibilities:

  • Provides prompt, efficient and friendly customer service by exhibiting caring concern and patience in all customer interactions
  • Smiles and greets customers in a friendly manner. Explains the mission and purpose of ReClaim It! to new customers. Thanks each customer and invites them back
  • Assists customers by: helping them find the products they’re looking for, securing products that are out of reach, helping with loading or unloading heavy items, making note of and passing along customer suggestions or requests, performing other tasks as requested, to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Works with co-workers and volunteers as a team to ensure customer satisfaction and a pleasant work environment
  •  Receives cash, checks, credit cards, and handles Square transactions; counts back change, takes coupons, etc.
  • Answers customer questions and concerns and follows-up with appropriate personnel.
  • Serves as keyholder, if needed, opening and closing the store
  • Assists with basic operations of the store
  • Keeps register area clean, organized, and helps maintain the store for customer safety and for appearance
  • Follows ReClaim It! and Cracked Pots policies and store guidelines
  • Reports to work when scheduled and on time
  • Meets with and reports regularly to supervisor on activities being undertaken and keeps supervisor apprised of issues that arise
  • Keeps a timesheet and submits it to supervisor monthly

ReClaim It! Clerk/Cashier Qualifications and Skills:

  • Mathematical skills and the ability to handle transactions quickly and accurately
  • Knowledge of and experience with Square operation
  • Previous experience in a retail store or as a cashier
  • Ability to work in an environment where there may be dirt, dust and mold.
  • People skills: Positive, friendly, helpful attitude toward customers, including the ability to speak clearly and convey information accurately
  • Ability to process coupons, gift cards and checks
  • Capable of lifting up to 30 pounds, bending and twisting and standing for long periods of time
  • Commitment to recycling and reuse
  • Reliable means of transportation