Schoolhouse Supplies 2 part time temp positions

PT Temporary or Contract Positions

March – August 2017Tools for Schools Project Manager and Schoolhouse Supplies Online Project Manager
Organizational Overview

Since 1999, our mission has remained the same: to support public education by providing free school supplies to students in need.  We do this because we believe that every child deserves school supplies and has the right to a quality education regardless of their family’s income or racial/ethnic identity.

Our ultimate goal is to level the playing field so every child has access to the tools that allow them to achieve academic success and feel confident. The program delivery model achieves additional goals through community engagement and by keeping supplies out of the waste stream.

More than 7 in 10 children served are enrolled in a federal nutrition program. The cost of sending a child to school with needed supplies is out of reach for many families, yet research shows that when adequately equipped, children miss fewer school days, are more attentive in class and achieve higher test scores in all academic subjects. With the community’s support, Schoolhouse Supplies has distributed nearly $30 million in free school supplies and benefitted hundreds of thousands of children.


Tools for Schools Project Manager

Tools for Schools matches organizations in the community with schools in need to provide new backpacks filled with new school supplies to support learning for every student. This year, 10,500 students received backpacks, bringing the program’s historic total to approximately 135,000 backpacks.

Position Responsibilities:

Serve as staff liaison to schools

Coordinate back-to-school backpack packing and giveaway events at each school based on school and sponsor schedules

With other staff, develop and document annual program timeline and keep program schedule on track

Prepare and disseminate program-related communication to schools, sponsors and volunteers

Assemble backpack giveaway volunteer training materials and provide in-person or other training to each school event’s lead volunteers

Maintain accurate contact information for schools, sponsors and others related to program implementation

Work with Free Store for Teachers Manager to identify and order appropriate program materials and quantities; work with schools to coordinate delivery

Work schedule: the hours for this position will vary based on the week, based on the project schedule and are relatively flexible. Some work can be done remotely. The week before the first week of school and the first week of school are exceptionally busy and require attendance at backpack giveaway events.


Schoolhouse Supplies Online Project Manager

Schoolhouse Supplies Online provides families at participating schools the opportunity to save time and resources by purchasing complete school supply kits online. Revenue generated from this program supports the Free Store and general operations. This program is available to all schools.

Position Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for new business development and all aspects of program implementation except for vendor management as described below

Retain existing schools and secure new schools for program

Serve as liaison to schools and parents

Prepare and disseminate communication to schools and parents

Document and maintain annual program timeline; keep program schedule on track

With support from the Free Store for Teachers Manager, work with vendor to identify and order the appropriate school supplies and determine delivery logistics

Work schedule: the hours for this position will vary based on the week, based on the project schedule and are relatively flexible. Most work can be done remotely. The weeks of ordering kick-off, ordering wrap-up, materials delivery and the first day of school are notably busy. (Note that since this program serves schools in different districts, there may be multiple first days of school.)


About these opportunities

These opportunities require demonstrated organizational skills

These are established programs and most of the communication templates and program timelines exist

The budget for each position is $15 per hour and is negotiable

The estimated hours for each project is 250 to 270

We are willing to hire either a part-time temporary employee or a project contractor, for either or both combined

Please contact Executive Director Alice Forbes at to learn more about or apply for these opportunities.