AmeriCorp position City of Vancouver Recycling Coordinator (Close Feb 6)

WSC, City of Vancouver, Recycling Coordinator - WRAP
Plastic bags and wrap are an energy efficient and integral part of product packaging, handling and shipping. Although the material is recyclable and has market value, it cannot be collected using residential curbside recycling carts or commercial recycling containers due to an incompatibility between the physical properties of the material and the machinery used to sort recyclables. Plastic bags and wrap also create an environmental concern and an eyesore when they escape into the environment as litter - clogging waterways and wrapping in trees. This program will increase awareness of and access to plastic bags/film recycling by establishing a business to business collection model and by increasing the number of stores participating in the WRAP (return to retail) program accepting plastic bags and wrap from residents. This position will help recruit more stores to participate in the official WRAP program (more details about the national program at and help with education and outreach about recycling plastic bags and film through return-to-retail options instead of placing this material in curbside carts. Provide education and outreach to businesses about the opportunity and the correct way to recycle plastic bags and plastic wrap. Assist City of Vancouver Solid Waste Staff with increasing the amount of commercially generated plastic film and wrap that is recycled region-wide. Contact haulers that may be willing to provide collection of the material and connect businesses with these services. This position is contingent on funding.

Member Duties : Increase regional awareness of plastic bag and wrap recycling by visiting local retail stores to provide the managers with information about the WRAP program. Encourage the stores to place collection bins for this material near entrances/exits. Provide WRAP collateral materials to stores. Promote the new collection sites as they come online. Serve the city communications staff as they develop social media messages, news releases. Attend networking events to spread the word about the program. Increase the amount of commercially generated plastic film and wrap that is recycled. Some businesses have already established a method to recycle their plastic film, and will offer plastic film and wrap recycling services to other businesses. Serve the community by facilitating, growing and improving the business to business efforts to recycle plastic film. Serve the identified businesses to establish best management practices that clearly identify how the program will work.


Program Benefits : Health Coverage ,  Stipend ,  Childcare assistance if eligible ,  Education award upon successful completion of service ,  Training . 


Terms : 
Permits working at another job during off hours ,  Permits attendance at school during off hours . 


Service Areas : 
Community Outreach ,  Environment . 


Skills : 
Environment ,  Communications ,  Team Work .