Metro Solid Waste Information and Analysis Manager

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Metro is looking for an experienced professional to lead a group of program analysts and solid waste planners monitoring the region's solid waste system. This is a complex and critical project area that requires technical knowledge of the solid waste system or other public service provision or utility, and a wide variety of technical, data management, financial and public issues. The outcomes of this section's work will have a significant impact on Metro, the solid waste industry, local governments, the residents of the region and environmental quality. 
In addition to staff supervision, duties include long-range projection and strategy development; project needs assessment and project intake; development of the division's work plans and coordination of work activities; managing the division budget, schedules and communications; forecasting solid waste generation and management; and modeling future waste flow trends. The manager will report to the Solid Waste Information, Compliance and Cleanup program director.  At Metro, we strive to hire a workforce representative of the communities we serve, understanding that a diverse workforce strengthens our organization. We value diversity and support a positive and welcoming environment where all of our employees can thrive.