Forest Policy Advocate (Center Sustainable Economy) Close 9/10/2015

Title: Forest Policy Advocate
Status: Part time consultancy 16-20 hours per week
Location: Western Oregon
Compensation: $1500 - $2000 monthly depending on qualifications
Deadline: September 10th 2015
Start: October 1st
Term: Open, but no less than 4 months

Oregon Forest Communities Council (OFCC) seeks an independent contractor to provide organizing, research, and advocacy support for a campaign to promote economically feasible alternatives to clearcutting, chemical spraying, new logging roads and other harmful practices on state and privately managed timberlands in the state. OFCC is a tax-exempt nonprofit project managed by Center for Sustainable Economy (CSE). CSE is an Oregon-based think tank providing environmental economic analysis support to other nonprofits. CSE alsomanages four initiatives of our own: Wild and Working Forests (WWF), Climate and Energy, Green Infrastructure, and Genuine Progress. This position will be part of the WWF program.

The independent contractor will help OFCC and CSE make the economic case to decision makers for deep reforms of Oregon's antiquated set of statutes, regulations, rules and incentives governing logging on state and private forestlands. These lands are being cut at a rate far in excess of forest regrowth and with practices that are severely fragmenting the landscape, extirpating fish and wildlife, dramatically increasing Oregon's carbon emissions, warming waters, eroding soils and creating forest conditions highly susceptible to wildfires.

Position duties:

The position will emphasize one or more of the following dependent upon the applicant's skills, experience, and interests:

  • Soliciting endorsements for a set of forest practices reform principles from the business community with a focus on businesses that directly benefit from sustainable forest management or who are promoting a culture of sustainability in the state. Methods of outreach will include phone and onsite visits. Endorsements will be made through OFCC's online web-portal.

  • Assisting with environmental economics and forestry research including use of satellite-derived data on forest cover change in combination with map layers of sensitive resources.

  • Organizing public events to highlight the economic case for modernization of Oregon's forest practices.

  • Writing for online and academic research publications.

  • Engagement with forest policy decision makers at the federal, state, and local level.

  • Research support for litigation.

Qualifications sought:

The successful applicant should be willing to travel frequently to western Oregon communities and work independently when not on the road. Excellent Internet research and social media skills are a must as are writing and public speaking. Preferred writing styles are those reflected in science-based, but succinct and policy relevant publications. Because the position requires interaction with business leaders, the applicant should be personable and have an understanding of what makes successful sustainable businesses successful. A background in business canvassing would be helpful. Deeper knowledge of at least one forest-related discipline is preferred, but the applicant need not have a degree in that. Experience working with non-profits in the Pacific Northwest on forest or other environmental issues is desirable.


For the short term, this position is being offered as a consultancy. The independent contractor will not be an employee of CSE, but be responsible for his or her own taxes and reporting to the IRS, State of Oregon, and local agencies as required by law. Compensation will range between $1,500 and $2,000 per month depending on skills and experience plus reimbursement for travel expenses. The long-term goal is for this position to transition to full time status at CSE or at OFCC if OFCC becomes an independent organization.

Hours and term:

For the short term, this position will require a minimum level of effort of 2 days (16 hours) per week. The consultant will have broad discretion to select workdays, including weekends, however, from time to time CSE will require midweek workdays for specific assignments.

How to apply

To apply:

Applications must be sent by e-mail to: Please submit a cover letter and resume or curricula vitae consolidated into a single PDF or Word document. Review of completed applications will begin on September 10th