Office Mgr (Our United Villages) Closes when filled

Job Title: Office Manager
Date: July 27, 2015
Department: Administration
Part-time, hourly employee (est. hrs. 30/wk.)
Reports to: Executive Director
Pay Grade: D
Supervises: Administrative Volunteers
Job Purpose: The Officer Manager has responsibility for the efficient operation of all administrative aspects of Our United Villages and its subsidiaries including responsibility for day-to-day management of general accounting functions as well as all administrative aspects of human resources. In addition, this individual has responsibility for supporting project management in specific areas such as operations, program development, planning and communication. This individual works closely with the Executive Director, Department Managers and Administrative staff to ensure organizational goals, objectives and mission are successfully implemented and achieved.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
ADMINISTRATION • Provide technical support for general office equipment (not to include computers). • Order office and general housekeeping supplies as needed. Keep inventory of all supplies and maintain central organization and distribution to staff. • Assist with general organizational and administrative support as requested by Executive Director. • Coordinate preparation and distribution of monthly board reports. • Manage cell phone accounts and records. Order and activate new cell phones for staff as needed. • Manage internal land line phones and phone system. Problem solve phone technology and billing-related issues. • Assure that licenses and registrations are up-to-date and in place. • Maintain systems inspections files. Ensure that all fire and security system inspections are up-to-date. • Work with liability and insurance brokers to ensure all required insurance is valid and accurate. • Assure compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations, laws and ordinances. • Process donation requests • Serve as primary liaison for IT and POS systems. • Respond to all requests for information on a timely basis. • Manage all records in accordance with OUV record retention policy. • Other administrative duties as assigned.
FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING • Work closely with Executive Director to accomplish organizational goals. • Maintain accounting files and archived records. • Work closely with Executive Director and managers in the process of developing annual budget. • Produce financial information upon request or as needed. • Proof, record, track and deposit end-of-day cash register funds. • Responsible for financial procedures, including: o Deposit incoming funds. o Work with cashiers to streamline cash handling procedures and reporting. o Track accounts payable; determine priorities and pay bills accordingly. o Enter all data into database for accurate reconciliation of monthly bank statements. o Collaborate with administration staff and department managers to draft budgets. o Oversee various aspects of the month-end close, including preparation of journal entries. o Assist during the year-end financial audit. o Develop procedures related to compliance with
GAAP policies and procedures. o Streamline work processes and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service. o Answer verbal and written inquiries about accounts payable and receivable. o Assist with special accounting projects. o Proof-read accounting data-entry. o Monitor all bank account funds to cover outgoing expenses. o Maintain and distribute cash report information on a daily basis. o Provide credit card reports for managers on a weekly basis. o Keep the Executive Director informed regarding status of accounts.
HUMAN RESOURCES • Administrative aspects of Human Resources functions: o Process and upload bi-monthly payroll on a timely basis. Ensure payroll data is up-to-date and accurate. Work with employees to ensure that all aspects of payroll function smoothly. o Handle administrative aspects for new hires including interview committee, advertising, job descriptions, etc. o Manage employee files; keep them updated and organized. o Prepare and manage paperwork for new hires and employee terminations/resignations. o Track all relevant employee data, including performance review schedules for supervisors. o Process pre-approved employee pay draw requests. o Process garnishments through payroll system. o Monitor vacation/leave balances against outsourced payroll service reports. o Provide and maintain building keys and security code records for all employees o Maintain and update master employee list for hire date, birthdate, etc. • Administer 401K retirement account. o Provide thorough, accurate information for eligible employees. o Administer all aspects of enrollment, billing and change requests. • Administer all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, including: o Return to work procedures EAIP requests o Accurate, timely and clear communication with SAIF Corporation o Submit; file SAIF 801 worker comp forms. o Work with staff to gather appropriate information. o Coordinate/facilitate annual health benefits renewal process to ensure timeliness and access by all employees o Facilitate benefits package overview for all employees o Process all benefit requests/changes/updates/billings and enrollments. o Facilitate the benefit renewal process. o Respond to all requests for information on a timely basis. • Respond to local, state and federal requests for information or regarding financial issues (i.e., garnishments, employee audits, unemployment, housing, child support, etc.).
OPERATIONS • Respond to specific requests from managers and E.D. for investigating and implementing changes to current systems, policies, technology and other actions to improve department operational systems, procedures, and business practices. • Develop reports, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, and other tools for sharing data as needed for specific OUV programs, or as requested by Department Managers, Administrative staff and E.D. • Facilitate requests from department managers, administrative staff and E.D. for various trainings and system changes or upgrades • Serve as coordinator in implementing improvements across departments as needed. • Coordinate training requests and needs, or personally train staff on how to use and fully utilize new or improved technology, systems and so on as needed. • Respond to specific requests from managers, administrative staff and E.D. for creating and updating OUV’s Standard Operating Procedures documents. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & CONTRACT MANAGEMENT • Oversee the identification and coordination of grant/contract proposals for existing and new programs/projects within OUV/TRC. Maintain effective contacts with potential funding agencies. Prepare grant and contract reports. • Respond to inquiries regarding fiscal and project requirements of grants and contracts.
PLANNING • Help facilitate strategic planning process; participate in the development and implementation of organization-wide and department action plans with achievable objectives. • Work with the Executive Director and Board on development of long-term goals and projects as requested.
COMMUNICATION • Keep Executive Director informed of major issues, propose ideas for review, respond to and carry out requests and decisions. • Ensure that all outside media inquiries, interview requests, marketing materials, press releases, and outreach materials are reviewed and approved by Executive Director before release. • Field advertising opportunities/requests. Coordinate ad design and pricing. Ensure that all advertising decisions are reviewed and approved in advance by Executive Director. • Determine and schedule tradeshow participation. Collaborate with volunteer coordinator to ensure all aspects of tradeshow participation function smoothly and effectively. • Coordinate communications team on web site development and protocols. • Record and distribute Board meeting minutes.
OTHER • Provide welcome and hospitality to office guests and visitors. • Contribute to the efforts of Our United Villages by accomplishing all related tasks as assigned.
EXPECTATIONS • As an OUV employee, you must possess and display strong skills in positive open communication, empathy, fairness, negotiation and problem solving. Be self-motivated and enthusiastic. Demonstrate grace and humor under pressure.
QUALIFICATIONS • A minimum of four years experience in business administration, human resources, management, or a closely related field or the equivalent combination of experience and education/bachelor’s degree • Increasingly responsible experience in planning and operations, preferably in small, collaborative, growing organizations. • Accounting tech background • Intermediate Excel skills • Accounts Payable and Outsourced Payroll experience • Extremely well organized; strong multi-tasking skills; with attention to detail • Ability to work independently and cooperatively with team members and to meet deadlines • Strong problem solving and analytical skills. • Understanding of basic principles of project development, management and implementation. • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively in a team-based work environment. • Demonstrated experience working effectively in a multi-cultural work environment, treating all persons with dignity and respect. • Excellent analytical skills. • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and a passion for engaging community. • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities and sensitive information with tact and discretion. • Ability to work with grace under pressure • Strong software skills including spreadsheets, database, presentation and work processing with standard commercial software(i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access)

Desirable • Spanish Proficiency