Environmental Planner (City of Portland BPS) Closes 8/3/2015


Job Title:City Planner II - Environmental

Closing Date/Time:Mon. 08/03/15 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Salary:$31.13 - $35.98 Hourly

Job Type:Full Time

Location:Portland Building, 1120 SW 5th Ave, Oregon

The City Planner II – Environmental at the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability provides general planning expertise with a specialized focus on the natural environment. Responsibilities include research, analysis, problem solving, report preparation, public presentations, technical assistance, and interacting with community groups, agencies and individuals. The City Planner II – Environmental participates in projects to help integrate natural resource functions into the built environment by incorporating green infrastructure (e.g., street trees, ecoroofs), natural resource protection and restoration into plans and project designs. This requires analyzing issues in the context of complex existing or potential policies and code provisions and explaining the results and recommendations clearly and persuasively. This may result in the need for the City Planner II – Environmental to draft or amend policies and regulations. This position works within collaborative project teams, and may serve as a project manager or coordinator.   
The City Planner II – Environmental at the Bureau of Development Services reviews or participates in the review of development proposals for compliance with applicable environmental codes, policies, approval criteria, and other regulations; conducts environmental impact evaluations; makes administrative and quasi-judicial land use decisions that may be final unless appealed to a higher authority/appeal body; recommends approval or denial of quasi-judicial land use application through the preparation of a staff report and public hearing presentation; identifies problems and assesses alternatives in the context of a specific development proposal; solicits and coordinates bureau and agency comments regarding specific development projects; reviews land division final plats for conformance with criteria and regulations; reviews property line adjustment applications; conducts parcel, mapping and zoning analyses; writes legally defensible findings for quasi-judicial land-use reviews.