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Grant Park Neighborhood Cleanup NE Portland

  • Grant Park Church (map)

GPNA Annual Neighborhood Cleanup

May 18, 9am-1pm, Grant Park Church parking lot (NE 45th & Knott)

We usually start setting up around 7:30 and finish closing up around 2:30.


We have a few key tasks specifically for Master Recyclers:

  • First, we have a reuse & building materials area that needs to be monitored. People think that someone else will want their junk and if it isn't monitored the area gets so cluttered with useless things that you can't find the good reuse items. Also, when it is unmonitored a few people will try to sneak unacceptable items in like paint, pesticides and lamp oil. The purpose of this position is to educate people about what really is reuse in this kind of setting, and to provide information about other options, if an item is turned away

  • Second, there needs to be someone to greet the cars, take their money, determine what they have, and direct them to where they need to take the different categories of items. Again, this person's task is to review what people are bringing and talk to them about what is and isn't acceptable and why. However, in this case it is by category rather than individual item. 

  • We always have people at each dumpster to help and oversee what is being disposed of. It is our last chance to review and/or reject materials going into the dumpsters and explain why

The first two are the ones that best fit the Master Recycler because they most often involve educating people about what they are throwing away or recycling.


Many people only come for a portion of that time.


Does any of it sound interesting to you? We would love to have you!

Contact Kate Davenport at